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"We at Village Hotel also adhere to the incentive made available to all Italian citizens.

You can pay for your stay using the bonus that the state will make available to you under the following conditions:
if you disclose the amount and possession of the voucher at the time of booking;
If you have already made a reservation to date, send an email to with the booking number and the amount of the voucher in your possession, at least 15 days before check-in;
of the amount of your voucher you can use to pay for your stay, only 80%;
if you are staying at HOTEL CORALLO of San Mauro Mare
if you are staying at CASA ALPINA S.APOLLINARE of Falcade
if you are staying from July 1 to December 31 (check out date)
You can NOT use the voucher:
for all of our other structures not listed above;
for bookings made through intermedari "portals, groupons, agencies";
for the balance of extra consumption and/or services used during your stay;
for stays for less than 7 nights;
IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to update the terms of use under new provisions dictated by the Revenue Agency;

Availability is limited to one number of rooms for each hotel;

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Weekly stay offer

3rd person always FREE & 4th person € 10 per night

dal 06.09 al 13.09 da € 199 a coppia per 7 notti
dal 13.09 al 27.09 da € 140 a coppia per 7 notti

Included Services: Full Board, Water to Meals, Beach Service, Mini Club, Use of Video Games Area, Free Bicycle Use, Typical Romagna Dinner, Discounts Theme Parks and Free Wireless;

Other Advantages: 3rd person & 4th person € 70 per week including meals, change the dates of your stay by April 30st 2020, pay the balance at the time of booking, you can sell and / or give the package to whoever you want;

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Offer Of Weekly Stays

3rd & 4th person : 15 per night

9:06 p.m. to 9:06 p.m.
28.06 to 12.07 from .560 per couple for 7 nights
12:07 a.m. to 9:08 a.m. to 630 euros per couple for 7 nights
9:08 a.m. to 11:08 p.m. to 910 euros per couple for 7 nights
11:08 p.m. to 30:08 p.m. to .700 per couple for 7 nights
30.08 to 06.09 from .560 per couple for 7 nights
6:09 a.m. to 1:09 p.m.
13.09 to 20.09 from .420 per couple for 7 nights

Services Included: Full Pension, Meal Water, Mini Club, Use Area Video Games,Free Bicycle Usage,Typical Dinner, Car Parking and Free Wifi;

Other Benefits: 3rd person & 4th person plus 105 per week including meals, changes or freezes for years after your stay up to 30 days before arrival, you pay 30% at the confirmation and the balance in the hotel, you can give and/or give the package to whoever you want;

Hotel availability may vary depending on sales already made;
You can book using a voucher received for a previous cancellation;

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DEAR GUEST FRIENDS ..............
like every year, we have already opened sales for the next summer season, obviously in all periods with a discount of even more than 50%, clearly only for a limited number of rooms.
Here is the EXCEPTIONAL offer:
Book your next holiday now and take advantage of the discount also over 50% for the whole family.
- Change the dates of your stay until April 30, 2020 always taking advantage of the discount applied;
- by 30 April 2021 you can cancel your reservation and the deposits paid will be frozen in order to be able to use them also the following year;
- Upon confirmation, pay 10% as 1st deposit and 20% as 2nd deposit after 60 days, the balance during the stay.

- If the dates you choose are the same as those previously canceled, the price proposed in 2020 remains unchanged.
- If the dates you choose are different from those previously canceled, the difference will be applied to the final price;

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Throughout the season your first child up to 8 years is always free over 8 years has a discount of 50%, while from the second child the discount is always 50%

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Conditions of sale and Cancellation
La seguente richiesta di disponibilità è da considerarsi non definitiva ai termini della prenotazione. Dopo aver compilato i campi con i Vostri dati di seguito attendete la nostra risposta con le indicazioni per procedere con la prenotazione.

Ogni prenotazione si ritiene definitiva solo dopo il versamento dell'acconto indicato nella risposta che riceverete dopo l'invio del form qui di seguito. 

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